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Healthy Gut

Every culture around the world has Fermented foods. This was necessary as a means of food preservation without the advent of refrigeration. Probiotic enriched foods are one of the most important attributes of a healthy diet and lifestyle. It’s absolutely amazing what a healthy gut can achieve:
1. Improve the Health of Your Digestive System
2. Strengthen Your Immune System
3. Detoxify Your Body from Dangerous Chemicals
4. Maximize Nutrient Absorption
5. Reduce Inflammation Throughout Your Body
6. Improve weight loss
The best foods to consume: Start by using 1 tablespoon everyday and increase by 1 tablespoon weekly. Over time you may be able to consume up to 1 cup at a time. ( If any diarrhea, gas and bloating start to occur, your consume to much to fast.)
1. Sauerkraut:
2. Kimchii
3. Fermented Ginger
4. Grass-Fed Yogurt, Kefir or Amasai
5. Grass-fed Cheese
6. Beet Kvass
7. Natural Pickles
8. Fermented Assorted Veggies
9. Coconut Milk Yogurt & Kefir
10. Fermented Soy – Natto & Tempeh
Best drinks to consume: Start out with 1 tablespoon a day and add a tablespoon every 2-3 days. ( If any diarrhea, gas and bloating start to occur, your consume to much to fast.)
1. Coconut water kefir
2. Water Kefir
3. Fermented grass-fed whey water
4. Kombucha
5. Apple Cider Vinegar
6. Red Wine or Balsalmic Vinegar
7. Fermented Herbal Teas
8. Fermented Beet Kvass (juice)
9. Sauerkraut Juice
10. Fermented Veggie juice
* If you have a histamine intolerance stick with small amount of fermented foods or drinks and go through the list till you find a fermented food or drink that doesn’t cause any histamine reactions.* Each person is so different that it’s almost impossible to know which food or drink will cause what type of reaction.

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