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Soap sampler
Soap sampler
Soap sampler
Soap sampler
Soap sampler
Soap sampler
Soap sampler
O-Snipuls Bath and Body

Soap sampler

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Sample soaps are the perfect way to try an array of our soaps with their varying scents, textures and also make a great gift. Also known as guest bars, these smaller versions of our handmade soaps are an excellent addition for the bath or shower when friends or family are in town. Every sample soap is palm free, vegan and made with organic ingredients. You will receive 1 pound of soap. This is between 5-8 slices of random soap. All orders will come packaged in our eco-friendly gift box.

To use simply rinse, lather, repeat. Do not eat, no matter how good I smell. External use only and avoid eye contact.

You will receive 5-8 pieces of any combination of the following:
African Black Soap- unscented
Watermelon- melt and pour soap
*The man’s man
Baby soap- unscented
*Active Charcoal Face Soap
*Peppermint salt bar
Lavender + Spearmint
Lemongrass + Eucalyptus
Bay rum
Dragons blood

Ingredients: Saponified *Olive Oil, *Coconut Oil,*Unrefined Shea Butter, *Castor Oil, additives, colors and scents vary.

Ingredient breakdown (basic but doesn't apply to all soaps)
*Olive Oil- an excellent oil to use in soap as it is a moisturizer that forms a "breathable" layer on the skin, preventing loss of internal moisture. Produces small, silky bubbles and contributes hardness to the bar.

** Coconut Milk- The huge amount of nutrients as well as fatty acids present in coconut milk soaps offer intense hydration to dry, dull and lifeless skin. Coconut milk doesn't dry out the skin while cleansing it. It has been found that coconut milk is enriched with powerful antioxidants including Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which lower the number of harmful free radicals in our body and prevent oxidative damages caused by them. It is also full of essential micronutrients like selenium, iron, copper, zinc, and so on, which take care of the health and nourishment of the skin.

*Coconut Oil- - Coconut is the only oil that will lather in *any* type of water - even seawater. Coconut oil is moisturizing and adds lots of fluffy lather. We use coconut oil to take advantage of its moisturizing benefits to enhance your soft glowing skin. It is also known to delay the occurrence of wrinkles with its antioxidant properties.

*Unrefined Shea Butter- Fabulous for soaps to add moisture and nourish the skin.

*Castor Oil- Acts as a humectant by attracting and retaining moisture to the skin. Also contributes lots of bubbles to soap - a "bubble booster".