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Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
Organic Lip Balms
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Organic Lip Balms

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All natural lip balms made with mother earth and self in mind. Our lip balms are.. 

• Made with raw organic lip nourishing ingredients such as mango butter, Shea butter, and cocoa butter.
•Moisturizing and nourishing
• Long-lasting with a high melting point

Package: Introducing our NEW lip balm packaging!! A 0.15 oz cardboard paper tube that is biodegradable and plastic free.

Ingredients Lip Balm: *Grapeseed oil, *Candelilla Wax, *Coconut Oil, *Cocoa Butter, *Mango Butter, *Unrefined Shea Butter, flavor oil *Organic 


Scent Description- 

Acai + Blueberry- Juicy freshness of a crunchy blueberry can be described as a cross between a green and red grape with much more of sweetness.

Apple- Green apple balanced with sweet, sugared candy.

Banana- Soft, creamy, sweet bananas filled with wholesome goodness. 

Berry- A touch of tartness combined with juicy fruity notes of berry.

Blackberry-It’s been said that the darker the blackberry, the sweeter the juice. This blackberry is sweet, dark and delicious. 

Blue Raspberry- Mouthwatering, freshly picked blue raspberry type, with fruity top notes of cherry, grape, apple, apricot, strawberries, wild raspberries and a splash of lemon.

Bubble Gum- Lip-smacking goodness of strawberry, sun burst orange, and spun sugar with a hint of mint to keep it fresh.

Chocolate- Who doesn’t like the taste of chocolate on their lips? Rich and creamy, nature’s perfect treat.

Clary sage- Smells of an herbaceous and winey bouquet.

Coconut- Tropically delicious, coconut flakes impart a sweet creaminess which is distinct and unique.

Coconut Cream-Creamy top notes blend perfectly with sweet vanilla coconut milk to produce this exotic tropical delight.

Coffee- Ahhhh rich dark coffee, the smell of roasted beans brewing, it is like no other.

Cotton Candy- An airy sugary sweetness which reminds you of the melt in your mouth carnival goodness. Just as you remember it! 

Georgia Peach- Effervescent citrus nuances add a sparkle to the fuzzy peachy signature.

Geranium (essential oil)- Fresh floral aroma similar to rose.

Grapefruit (essential oil)- The perky aroma of a freshly squeezed sweet and juicy grapefruit.

Key Lime Pie- The sparkling key lime nuance is supported and softened by creamy notes of fresh whipped cream and warm vanilla.

Lemonilla- a blend of lemon and vanilla.

Melon- Juicy summer trio of juicy cantaloupe, green honeydew and sweet red watermelon.

Mango- Tropical freshness from bright citrus aspects combine with the rich sweetness of mango.

Orange Creamsicle- A smooth blend of sweet orange and decadent sweet cream.

Orange (essential oil)- The uplifting aroma of sweet and sunny freshly peeled oranges.

Raspberry Glaze- Fresh picked sweet and tart raspberries tossed to produce this classic favorite.

Spearmint (essential oil)- Cool minty fresh and green herbal aroma.

Strawberry- Nature has done it right with this juicy, fresh strawberry flavor.

Tangerine (essential oil)- The bright citrus aroma of a freshly sliced juicy tangerine.

Tropical- Exotic, juicy pineapple with coconut, freshly squeezed orange and lime.

Vanilla- A classic, creamy flavor with hints of mellow sweetness and fresh creamy goodness.

Vanilla Coconut Milk- is a rich smooth coconut that delicious with a hint of fresh vanilla.

Watermelon- A fresh watery fruity sweetness characterizes the classic watermelon burst.

Peppermint (essential oil)- Cool minty aroma of fresh peppermint leaves.

HOLIDAY Seasonal flavors

Peppermint coffee-  Cool minty aroma of fresh peppermint leaves with the smell of roasted coffee beans brewing, it is like no other.

peppermint mocha- is an intriguing blend of peppermint oil and mocha flavor It is an enticing and delicious blend of steamed coconut milk, whipped marshmallow and mocha latte with cool minty aroma of fresh peppermint leaves.